Bicycle Legacy Red by Gamblers Warehouse – Trick

Since 1885, the USPCC has printed their most popular and demanded brand of playing cards around the world, Bicycle. Although there has been many variations of their back designs, one has remained the most influential, the “rider back”. The design has been color swapped, and modified to fit other themes, but overall the design has stayed the same.

With keeping in the tradition of what makes the design great, we have worked with the USPCC to push what makes the rider back great and bring you a new design inspired by the original. A design which keeps the integrity of what we are familiar with, yet something new to add to its LEGACY.

BICYCLE LEGACY is a TRUE set of unique poker cards. This means both decks have identical faces with 2 back color variations. Hand drawn courts, aces, and joker cards add to the decks appeal while a simplistic layout keeps the deck familiar. This makes LEGACY a great deck for performers of magic and cardistry, while bringing something fresh to your weekend poker games.


  • BICYCLE Branding
  • Premium Bicycle Paper Stock
  • Magic Finish
  • Interior Tuck Box Coloring
  • 2 Gaff Cards
  • Custom Faces with Hand Drawn Courts, Aces and Jokers
  • QR Code Reveal
  • Barcode Reveal
  • Hidden Tuck Flap Reveal
  • One thought on “Bicycle Legacy Red by Gamblers Warehouse – Trick

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