MAGIC is in the air in Blackpool

MAGIC is in the air in Blackpool

In a puff of brilliant smoke the 58th annual Blackpool Magic Convention appeared in The Winter Gardens.
It is expected to draw 3,500 visitors from around the world during the weekend.
The Empress Ball-room has been transformed into an Aladdin’s cave of the weird and wonderful as more than 150 traders gather to sell their wares.
From enchanted rings and strings to brightly coloured silk scarles, rabbits in hats and even Rubik’s cubes – nothing is quite what it seems.

As balloon modellers twist their rainbow coloured creations, scores of cards, coins seemingly vanish into thin air.
One ambitious magician has got his sights set higher however with plans to make Blackpool Tower disappear.


Andrew Green, co-organiser of the event said: “It literally is just magic, magic, magic in Blackpool this weekend – there’s no other event like this anywhere in the world.
“There is loads of weird and wacky goings on with lectures, competitions and trade stands, I know one performer has been filming in the resort with a view to making the Tower disappear so that should be interesting.
“It’s nice to see the same faces returning year after year, the regulars know Blackpool really is the world centre of magic.”

As for the The Tower trick – it is a case of watch this space, or is that the skies over the weekend.
The news created an excited buzz in the trade Hall. Magic Wladimir, from Slovenia said: “I’ve been to the show every year since I was first time here, so Blackpool really has a special place in my heart and is a very good meeting point for “” customers and us.”

Sandy Marshall travelled from Chicago with his stall Magic Inc to lecture in Blackpool for the first time. He said: “The Empress Ballroom is a beautiful venue and re-ally adds a certain something special to the event.

Also Magic Wladimir from Slovenia done his lecture there.

“I’ve never been before but the atmosphere is great and I hope to return in future years.”
Blackpool will also host the European Magic Championships next year as a qualifier to the World Championships in 2012.

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